Complete Mechanical and Electrical Solutions

Precipitator Technologies supplies direct replacement parts for all makes of electrostatic precipitator. Our materials and workmanship are always equivalent to or better than the original OEM supply.  That’s the Precipitator Technologies mark of quality that our reputation has been built on over many years. Whether you want to simply replace existing parts or upgrade to modern designs, we can supply everything you need.

Electrical Parts - Upgrade And Replacement

Precipitator Technologies can upgrade and replace all electrical elements, including:

  • Transformer rectifiers (T/R) for ESP power supplies (single phase, three phase and high frequency)
  • Automatic voltage controls
  • Rapper controls
  • Control enclosures
  • Gear motors
  • Voltage dividers
  • Current limiting reactors
  • Heater Elements and blowers
  • Earth switches and earthing equipment

Mechanical Parts - Upgrade And Replacement

Precipitator Technologies offer a range of services for mechanical upgrade and replacement. Our experience in the industry ensures you get the highest quality replacement parts identical to that supplied by the original manufacturer. Precipitator Technologies is able to replace and/or upgrade all makes and types of Electrostatic Precipitators including: 

Collector plates

  • Lurgi – CS Series and ZT Series
  • SF / ABB-Flakt / Alstom – 400, 500, 750 and 800mm Profiles
  • Joy / Fowlerex – H-Module, M-Module
  • Lodge Cottrell /Simon Carves – Sprung Channel 
  • Elex 
  • FLS 
  • And many, many Others 

Discharge electrodes

  • Weighted Wires 
  • Rigid Discharge Electrodes (RDE’s)
  • Lurgi – Star Wire, Isodyn-style and Variodyn-style 
  • SF/ABB-Flakt/Alstom – Spring Electrode and Ribbon
  • Joy/Fowlerex – Z-Module and Wires
  • Lodge Cottrell/Simon Carves – Rigid Mast
  • Elex – Rigid Mast 
  • FLS – Fibrolax-Style

Rapping Systems

  • Tumbling hammers, cam mechanisms, shafts, bearings, anvils, drive motors etc.
  • Vibration systems (electric and pneumatic)
  • Acoustic systems


  • Support Insulators
  • Through-bush Insulators
  • Anti-sway Insulators
  • Standoff Insulators
  • Rapping Insulators
  • Alumina, Porcelain, Plastic and fibreglass

Other parts

  • Key interlock systems
  • Access doors and door seals
  • Buss ducts and transfer houses
  • Explosion panels